Training Courses

My courses are aimed at both aspiring pizza chefs who want to learn the basics of the trade, and expert pizza chefs who want to improve their technique.
Not only practice, but also a bit of theory, with useful suggestions for those who want to start their own pizza business.
Lastly, the children courses. Because making pizzas can be a game. Children are the best at making pizzas.

Amateur courses: “Pizza….what passion!”

For whoever feels like becoming a pizza chef for a day and to discover the tricks of the trade, the opportunity to spend a thrilling day with Antonino Esposito and his imagination.

Professional courses: “Pizza…a profession!”

Are you a Pizza Chef? would you like to further your knowledge refining your technique and style? or are you an Amateur who would like to learn the art of pizza making transforming your passion into a profession.

Gluten free courses: “Gluten free, for all palates!”

The initiative is for all those who wish to make gluten free pizza dough and dishes.

Start-up courses: “Pizza….what a Pizzeria!”

For whoever wishes to open their own pizza business we provide advice, professional support primarily during the initial delicate phases.

Children courses: “learn and play with your hands in the dough!”

Special sessions created to stimulate imagination and to teach the importance food has in all our lives. A unique training experience, thanks to which the importance of group work and how food should be respected and not wasted is learnt.

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