The pizza art

My story as a pizza chef is linked to my invention of the ‘Frusta Sorrentina’. I decided to name it ‘Sorrentina’, in testimony to my profound liaison with this area and its community.
I invented the Frusta Sorrentina by chance, in 1996. It all started with a piece of dough I had cut for a Mignon Pizza. I put mozzarella and cherry tomatoes on it and closed its sides and ends. Et voilà, in my hands the creation of a new product which today is patented and sold worldwide.

To make a good pizza, every stage of its preparation needs to be done with care: the choice of ingredients, the making of the dough and its kneading, the choice and use of the ingredients, and lastly the baking.
To pizza chefs who ask me how to better their techniques I advise to always pay attention to every single detail.
As a test I ask them to make a Marinara. My favorite, as it is the easiest. The Marinara has few ingredients – tomatoes, oregano, garlic and fresh cherry tomatoes – no extra fillings to conceal imperfections. You can’t bluff with a Marinara. You can tell immediately if it is good or not. It enables you to fully appreciate the expertise of the pizza chef more than any other pizza. Only a good pizza chef can make a good Marinara.

A pizza is a pleasure from which all should benefit.
Currently thanks to various flours, we are able to make ‘gluten free pizzas’, for celiac patients. These pizzas are becoming more sought after and appreciated. Furthermore, for some time now, in my pizzerias, I have been using biological flours. They are healthier, lighter, with a low protein content, creating pizzas that are easier to digest.
Everyone can make a descent pizza at home. I explain how to achieve this in my books, interviews published in culinary magazines and I also show how to on the TV programs I attend.
I am always pleased when people tell me that thanks to my recipes they have managed to make a traditional neapolitan pizza dough at home.
I have received many awards, also international ones, but what gratifies me the most is being able to share my knowledge with the public and help spread the correct culture of a healthy and good pizza.

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