Books and TV programs

I have no secrets: I will reveal all my pizza knowledge to you.
In my books and tv programs I attend, I try to teach my readers and viewers how to homemake a good pizza.
From the rules for the perfect dough to the choice and combination of ingredients to the baking techniques.

Pizza Passion

Lt Editore (2013)

Our area of expertise requires heart, love and passion: This is executive pizza maker Antonino Esposito’s philosophy.
The author shares with his readers all his passion and techniques acquired during his years of experience and tested in his highly followed professional and amateur courses. In the volume, cooking lessons with all the techniques and photo sequences for a perfect dough, as well as many recipes for every occasion. Furthermore, delicious menus which optimize quantity and dough in different cases, all guided by the choice of prime quality ingredients.

  • The cooking school
  • Many color photos
  • Over 60 pizza recipes

Pizza Imagination

Lt Editore (2013)

Antonino Esposito’s pizza chef career and passion started by chance during the 80’s. An uncle of his needed an assistant and he took the opportunity leading him to further experiences in neapolitan pizzerias. Since then Antonino has gone far and today, as well as being one of the most renowned pizza chefs in Italy, he also owns Ahum! in Sorrento and is a consultant for various companies and organizes courses throughout Italy and abroad. During the years he has taken part in many national and international courses, receiving rewards and acknowledgments. It has been years now that he has gained experience in communications thanks to his collaboration with Alice Tv and his column in Alice Cucina magazine.

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