I am Antonino Esposito: I bake pizzas and think-up ideas

Pizza is also a metaphor
from which we can all learn”

Pizza starts out poor. Its base is just a dough disc, made from flour and water. But by adding a few humble ingredients, and clever workmanship, It becomes noble.


Chef Antonino Esposito’s creations in a restaurant with its own bowling alley. Pizzas, burgers, fry ups and the unmissable “Frusta Sorrentina”.

Ahum!, fun for all the family.

Pizza chefs united for the “Lega del Filo D’oro” ONLUS

The solidarity pizza

A pizza which evokes two hand crossing each other.
Filled with ricotta and salami, where the two hands cross, then one arm with Margherita topping and the other with yellow datterini tomatoes and fior di latte cheese.
This special pizza, dedicated to the ‘Lega del filo d’oro’ – ONLUS, has contributed to achieve the ONLUS’s initiatives during the last 52 years in Italy and the last 20 in the Campania region, helping deaf-blind people and those with multiple psycho-sensory deficiencies.


I can split in four for ‘Her’

Pizza is forever present in my life. It takes up all my time. From morning to night. I prepare pizzas for my clients at Acqu’e Sale and Ahum!. Even when I am alone, I try new combinations, new ways to exalt genuine ingredients. I tell about my pizza visions in numerous publications and interviews. I also like teaching young pizza chefs or aspiring pizza chefs, the secret of making the perfect pizza. Lastly I gather my ideas in order to accomplish new entrepreneurial initiatives and continue those pre-existing, always aiming for the same goal: making people happy eating a quality pizza, with genuine ingredients combines to enhance their natural flavors and scents.


Ape Kitchen, Ape Pizza and Ape Bar.
Three different ape for events, managed by Pizza chef Antonino Esposito, available for private events and special occasions.


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8 months ago

La frusta è il frutto di una fortunata intuizione, la mia prima forma di pizza nata quasi per caso con un pezzo di impasto avanzato. Con pochi gesti, in men che non si dica, avevo dato sfogo alla ... See more

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